Holidays in Egypt

So it happened historically, but over the last one and a half and two decades the holiday in Egypt has turned for some part of our compatriot into some foreign “summer residence”, which you can easily go on weekends and closer to the evening of Sunday to return to your native penates. As on Monday

Temple in Luxor

Among the many temples and palaces of Ancient Egypt, the temple in Luxor, built by Pharaoh Ramses III, stands out in its likeness with the temple of Amon, his more famous and richer predecessor, Ramses II. So, staying on an excursion to Luxor, it is worth to appreciate this historic sight of Ancient Egypt. Burial

Monuments of Africa: the temple Medinet-Abu in Luxor

For many people in the post-Soviet space, the countries of northern Africa are perceived only as resorts. True, visiting them, you can see the monuments of Africa in Egypt and touch the most ancient history of this country, visit the unique temple complexes that have come down to us through the centuries and millennia. Amazing

Rest in Africa. Discover the exoticism of Mossel Bay

Many spent their holidays in Africa, but few tourists know about the existence of such a resort paradise in South Africa, where the Indian Ocean is washed by the shores of the land located near the Cape of Good Hope. From here guests get to Cape Town or visit Port Elizabeth, also the bay of

Roman city in North Africa – Timgad

Fans of Roman architecture knows that to get acquainted with the monuments of the period can be all over the world. For example, in the African country of Algeria Emperor Trajan it founded the city. It happened in the first century at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. City Timgad was supposed to be the

African penguins? – There are so

African or donkey penguins are an amazing view of the penguins, who lives in southern Africa and the surrounding islands. On Robben Island and located Dessen largest colony of this species of penguins. But what about the admitted fact that penguins live only in low latitudes with cool water? Very simple. This part of Africa

One of the great obelisks in Egypt – Aswan obelisk city

Anyone who is planning a trip to Egypt, of course, first of all dream of visiting the ancient pyramids. But not only the pyramids of ancient Egypt is famous for. This country is no country in the world is rich and other architectural and monumental monuments. One type of ancient Egyptian obelisks are monuments. The

Eye of the Sahara desert – Rishat structure

Structure Rishat – a geological object, which is located in the Sahara desert. The approximate diameter of the structure is fifty kilometers. Very long structure Rishat was a kind of landmark for astronauts, as it is a very well conspicuous object in the desert. It is interesting to note that, despite the fact that the

Cape Agulhas and Cape Point – the merging of two oceans

The generally accepted view that the merging of the Atlantic and Indian oceans occurs at Cape Point. But in fact, fusion point is at 20m meridian east at Cape Agulhas, Cape Agulhas aka. This place is the most southern point of Africa. The exact boundary at which the fusion is marked on the Cape a