Message from the thousand-year past or what paganism

In our time, the attitude to paganism ambiguous and uncertain. Few even know that in ancient times in the manuscript sources of the Gentiles were called different people. Since then, the perception of the term heathen slightly warped as everyone thinks they are people who worship pagan religion.

Message from the thousand year past or what paganism 2

What is Paganism? (Ie, not our faith) For the Christian Gentiles – all who do not believe in Christ, for Muslims – those who do not believe in Allah, etc. But now, given that the same Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and other world religions have become, as it were, in their paganism and did not include. Take the Hinduism, where many gods – it is a religion, and the gods of ancient Greece for some reason considered to be pagan – laughter and absurdity … Similarly, the belief of ancient Slavs in the «holy trinity» Rhoda. Although, in fact, all world religions retell the same story, just different words, like a broken phone, like in a family, someone had once seen his father, but now present it differently. However, the essence of all religions and commandments are the same! And it does not matter whether your god idol or icon …

Message from the thousand year past or what paganism 3

It all faiths in man-god, another thing shamanism, a belief in nature spirits with sacrifice animals or humans – that is, in my opinion, is paganism, ie lower. Then again, who knows – the wonders of faith creates, well, maybe God …

Message from the thousand year past or what paganism 4

It is believed that paganism is pushing people into the stone age, thereby causing them to abandon the scientific and technical achievements. In some conservative religious right, as all new items invented by society, gradually pollute and destroy the environment. In principle, the very paganism of trends in science that can save them from a future decline habitat.

Message from the thousand year past or what paganism 5

Modern vehicles faith argue that the main thing – to honor the gods, that any God would not like to look at them lying around in the legs of people. They see their gods as messengers of antiquity. So stupid does not have any reverence for their ancient ancestors, from which not even the graves left. Ancient faith, like a message from a thousand years past, and is also good in that it does not put God above all, aimed at instilling and nurturing a positive qualities of this deity.