Tunnel of love around the town Klevan

Invariably attracted the newlyweds and romantic place – is «Tunnel of Love» (Ukraine). It is believed that there are lovers guessing every wish, and if they love each other truly, they will certainly come true.

Tunnel of love around the town Klevan 2

If all your desires are embodied, or you are in search of its second half, then the picturesque woods you can walk alone, and indulge in meditation or with friends, admiring the green hues of which the set here. Game sunlight and shadow, and stretching into the thicket track turned into a great subject for photography enthusiasts.

Tunnel of love around the town Klevan 3

Wood formed the «Tunnel of Love», stretches for a kilometer, and the length of the railway is about 3 km long and connects the town with Klevan Orzhevskim plant for wood processing. There are regular train goes to the factory – a frequent participant in photo shoots, «Tunnel of Love». Oddly enough, but this train and formed this beauty, because it breaks the leaning tree branches and «contain» the tunnel in a beautiful state.

Tunnel of love around the town Klevan 4

If you are in love state, then you should certainly visit together an amazing mystical place, but be careful – beware of the train. Peak «pictorial» of the tunnel is in the summer and captures the beginning of autumn, when the trees are still dressed in foliage. But in the winter with good snow forest thicket just looks mysterious.

Tunnel of love around the town Klevan 5

City Klevan is known for its castle of the XV century, his visit is included in the tour itinerary. It is well preserved and simply «stuffed» with many legends and ghosts. Get in Klevan can train station Klevan is located on the railway, which connects Lutsk and Rivne. The very same Ukrainian «Tunnel of Love» takes its beginning just east of the station. From Klevan to Kiev about