Louis Vuitton suitcase in Red Square

Big scandal over the construction of the pavilion on the Red Square in a huge suitcase Louis Vuitton, ribbons wrapped in a Russian flag. The pavilion was built to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the GUM department store, and belonged to a charity exhibition «Soul wandering».

Louis Vuitton suitcase in Red Square 2

Initially, the suitcase delivered to anyone not inconvenience local residents and visitors happily do the photo on the background of a giant high-end traveling bag, suitcase stylized Vladimir Orlov. Numerous polls, which conducted the media, showed that the majority of the population does not interfere with the pavilion-a suitcase, and they refer to it positively.

Louis Vuitton suitcase in Red Square 3

However, local officials did not like the large-scale structure, and they are required to dismantle the pavilion. Jacobs, Louis Vuitton has not received the necessary permits for construction. Sounds absurd, does not it? It has become such a respected company like Louis Vuitton illegally capture the Red Square of land for their own selfish purposes? Obviously, for the construction permission from the organizers it was.

Louis Vuitton suitcase in Red Square 4

It should be noted, the perturbation wave began just 10 days after the installation of a suitcase. Immediately brewing question why, when erected this building, none of the officials did not mind? It is cumbersome structure could not go unnoticed even in the installation phase. It is worth mentioning that the exhibition organizers had only good intentions.

Louis Vuitton suitcase in Red Square 5

All collected funds planned to give to charity to fund Natalia Vodianova. After this, I could not help think, really is more important than the opinion of officials unhappy lives of orphans, who already are in a very sad state, can not be said about the officials themselves.