Seven Giants on Man-Pupu-Ner

Pillars of weathering, or Mansi blockheads called geological monument is located in the Trinity-Pechora region of the Komi Republic Pechora-Ilych Nature Reserve on Mount Man-Pupu-Ner, that denotes the language Mansi small mountain idols.

Seven Giants on Man Pupu Ner 2

Mansi and Komi worshiped statues of stone with grandiose forms, worshiped in front of them, but the ascent of Man-Pupu-Ner was a great sin. Approximately two hundred million years ago in what is now stone pillars were high mountains. Several thousand years in a row, they were under the destruction of rain, snow, wind, frost and heat. Solid-sericite schists of quartzites subjected to destruction and less able to survive until today.

Seven Giants on Man Pupu Ner 3

Poles have a bizarre outlines and, regardless of the place of inspection, like the figure of a man, who has a huge form, the horse or the sheep’s head. The number at the edge of the cliff lined up six of them. One column having a height of thirty-four meters, stands a little apart from the others and looks like a large bottle, inverted bottom to the top. From this place have a connection endless legends.

Seven Giants on Man Pupu Ner 4

In one of them it is said that in ancient times, stone pillars were seven giants – Samoyed, which took place on a mountain in Siberia, to destroy Vogulsk people. But when they were able to climb to the Man-Pupu-Ner, their shaman, a former leader, he saw a sacred mountain Voguls – Yalpingner. Horrified, he threw his drum, which fell on the towering mountain top Koyp conical shape, and each stone became his companion in fear.

Seven Giants on Man Pupu Ner 5

Visiting these places is really hard to believe that these mysteriously formed the pillars could only happen just because of the destruction of the mountains. Besides, it is so. Post will get a few million years as a result of weathering of the Ural Mountains. Weak rocks that surrounded, destroyed, and those that are more solid, able to survive and form this natural wonder.