Amazon in world history

The ancestors believed that the peoples who do not know their history, there is no historical future. The Slavs also very ancient history and its roots go back to the distant past. Tales of Slavic Amazons of the ancient time are included in one of the pages of this story. We all know that the Amazon — a female warrior, community representatives of the fair sex, which in military prowess, not only inferior wars-men, but also sometimes greatly outnumbered them.

Amazon in world history 2

It is believed that the Amazons lived in the foothills of the Caucasus, in Asia Minor and on the shores of the Sea of Azov (in ancient times had the name Metis) and the Black Sea. Tradition of this fantastic kingdom are still alive in the memory of the peoples living in this territory.
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It must be assumed that the value system they had built on matriarchy. But not so the men retreated into the background — they are in the Amazon was not quite. Men (mostly captured or slaves) used by them only for procreation. The boys returned fathers, well, a girl turned into a great warrior.
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Even Theseus and Hercules had to feel the all the charm and the severity of the courage of the Amazons. Since they are hard and cunning won, but it was a huge exception, because beauty does not know defeat. Theseus had the good fortune to marry the most courageous of the Amazons — Antiope. On the side of the people of Troy Amazons fought in the Trojan War, he participated in the campaign of Alexander the Great. It is also quite remarkable fact is the fact that up to the XVIII century at the court of the Moscow tsar served amazon bodyguards. This is evidenced in many of the sources of the time … You can remember more about the Valkyries …
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It would be wrong to believe that Amazon made efforts to prove to the world that they can not just stand on a par with men, but also to do without them in everyday life. Most likely the origins of this phenomenon as women warriors are the basis of the existence of matriarchy in the history of man.