Mummy Juanita, or Lady Ampat

Mummy Juanita, also known as the Inca Ice Maiden and Lady Ampat — a body Inskoy 13 year old girl, is well preserved. She was sacrificed to the gods of the Incas around years 1450-1480. The girl’s body lay about 550 years in the ice, and so it is quite well preserved until our time.
Mummy Juanita or Lady Ampat 2

Legend has it that Juanita brought a gift howling volcano with the intention that he began to subside, and the girl, in a personal meeting with the gods had to ask for rain, to save the Inca people from hunger and thirst. Even in those days, the people of the Incas could cook a strong narcotic drink, with the right dosage. This drink watered and Juanita. Along with the body mumiii found a bag in which were found coca leaf.
Mummy Juanita or Lady Ampat 3

After all the preparations, the girl’s body was put in a tomb at the edge of the volcano. When, once again stormed the volcano, Juanita lava thrown in glaciers, no burns were found, but only the solo shot plumb, who killed the poor girl. Forces of the lava body was thrown about 150 meters into the glacier, where it lay frozen almost until the end of the 20th century.
Mummy Juanita or Lady Ampat 4

Due to the low temperature of the ice, the body mummified and perfectly preserved. Leather girls in such a state that you can see the hairs and figure on it. Hair is also well preserved. It creates a feeling that the insides were carefully removed and the body was almost intact. Next to the mummy Juanita found many items that were intended for offerings to the gods.
Mummy Juanita or Lady Ampat 5

In a detailed study of the mummies, scientists have concluded that the girl had been ill at the time of some pulmonary infection resembling tuberculosis. Historians have suggested that the Incas chose to sacrifice children because they felt cleaner than adults.