Cult complex at the top of Vottovaara

The most dominant point of the West Karelian Upland is Mount Vottovaara. Cult complex occupies the entire surface of the mountain and some hills, which are one beside her. The monument is simply impossible to imagine due to the specific nature of the surroundings. Its present boundaries can be called cool, somewhere in some places steep slopes.

Cult complex at the top of Vottovaara 2

Perfectly traced zonal vegetation on top. Pine Belt on the slopes of the most commonly replaced by pine and birch forest-tundra strip near the top. The terrain is rugged: rocky outcrops continuously alternate with small swamp — paleovodoemami dries up in the summer and small lakes. Scattered around huge boulders rolled disgusting. Of the many boulders that are on the surface of the mountain, one of the most iconic rock include those few who were visible signs of artificial human work.

Cult complex at the top of Vottovaara 3

All cult stones were described by 12 attributes, which gave full fixing the location of an object and its special features. This finding treatment; the presence of «legs», the total number and orientation; dimensions; based on the location of the rocks or turf; Waterfront, or the highest point of the surrounding area; binding to the edge of the cliff, etc. In general, the survey was able to identify all the stones in 1286. Chances are that their number is much greater since a large area all of them could not be noticed.

Cult complex at the top of Vottovaara 4

Vottovaara is one of the most mysterious places, which is outside the standard routes for travelers. Mountain keeps a large number of puzzles — this is an interesting form of trees, numerous «seids» stone basin, «dead» silence and the special mysterious atmosphere. Since the discovery of S. Simonyan was able to grow a variety of mountain legends, which are mainly related to UFOs, which saw local people.

Cult complex at the top of Vottovaara 5

Superstitious people in turn consider it a place of concentration of the dark forces and bridge the transition to other worlds. And just relax, it attracts the beautiful scenery and unusual landscape. This mountain is not as accessible, and — on the way there are difficult areas of passable roads, bridges waterlogged in places, and sometimes themselves completely block the way of the river. To overcome the many obstacles in the way of the mountain-wheel drive vehicle is required.