The vanishing Aral Sea

In the 80s it was noticed a bad situation with the Aral Sea. That is, it is just beginning to dry up. And the reason this process was that it began to flow far less fresh water than it was before.

The vanishing Aral Sea 2

At this point, it is difficult to call the sea and therefore it is called a salt lake, which is located in Central Asia and borders between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Although the sea was called because it was very large. By the way it is near the Caspian Sea, and both of these are the remains of the body of water of the ancient Tethys Ocean, which has long gone.

The vanishing Aral Sea 3

Besides the fact that fresh water has ceased to flow to the lake and used it for their own needs people who are engaged not only in agriculture but also in cotton growing. Using this water, people might not know what the consequences might be. Since 2009, the water just stopped coming to the gardens of people and only if they suspect that there is something not right. In addition, due to the fact that the so-called sea began to dry up, we had to close the ports, fishing also ceased because of the fact that the salinity of the water became 10 times more. Also vanished trees and animals that could not adapt to the changed conditions.

The vanishing Aral Sea 4

Sea trying to save only the authorities of Kazakhstan, only they do it in their territory. In 2005, it was built 17-km dam, the dam with a height of 6 meters and a width of approximately 300 meters. This was to help and revive industry. That is, the salinity of the water was several times smaller, and therefore, the local began to breed commercial varieties of fish here. As soon as the authorities hope, there will be restored not only the industry but also the flora and fauna.

The vanishing Aral Sea 5

What will happen next is exactly what no one can say, but the hope is still there and need to cling to her. But why the other party does nothing, it remains a question.