Bethlehem cave of Mount Kazbek

Georgia is a country in which I would like to visit regardless of the weather and time of year. And all because it is here that one can see many mysteries of history. For example, a small town Kazbek, keeps the secret of Mount Kazbek. This town at the foot of the mountain, and on top of about 4100 meters, is the mysterious cave of Bethlehem.

Bethlehem cave of Mount Kazbek 2

In this cave, in the distant past, it was built a monastery. The first mention of the mountain, were described in the Georgian chronicles, entitled «Kartlis Tshovbera.» If you believe the myth, which is described in these writings, it was in this monastery is hidden treasury of Queen Tamara. We do this 100 hevrusov. To the secret has not been disclosed, they killed each other

Bethlehem cave of Mount Kazbek 3

But surveying the mountain, you can learn not only about this and that from the fifth century was still a monastery, although many do not believe, because the height is too high. This mountain is still not considered a criminal. In order to reach at least halfway, to be a professional climber. According to tradition, the monks went there with the help of an iron chain.

Bethlehem cave of Mount Kazbek 4

Long enough for the monastery and no one had heard nothing, but in 1947 decided to climb the mountain Georgian climber, who could see a chain that hangs down so far from the mountain, and the iron gates. This interest in a group of researchers, among them was none other Levan Sudzhashvili. And they have achieved what they wanted so. That is, they get inside, where they could find the refectory fabric, made with his own hands, a few plates, candlesticks, etc. They came to the same conclusion, that in addition to the monastery, where he lived and even a hermit.

Bethlehem cave of Mount Kazbek 5

All found items, were transferred to the museum, and to this day there are. And what they have discovered and explored the cave, they have devoted a holiday, but rather the 25th anniversary of mountaineering, as well as the memory of fallen comrades.