The ancient Sumerians state

Once in Iraq there was the ancient Sumerians state. This, to a certain point no one suspected. Nowhere grafted civilization Blackheads, not at all like the local people, and the language is not similar to one of the earth, has given mankind many discoveries … and sank into oblivion …

The ancient Sumerians state 2

Roughly to the middle of the 19th century that there is a civilization, no one knew. Only later, when scientists and archaeologists began to find strange items, they began to suspect that something is overlooked. That’s it then identified the Sumerians. For example, not so long ago, scientists discovered the ancient Sumerian bas-reliefs, which were depicted annuki. This deity, which they worshiped all his life. Some felt that, having found such evidence of life on earth, mysteries should be less, but no matter how wrong.

The ancient Sumerians state 3

As it turned out, rather researchers found, these were depicted annuki so unusual, putting scientists, on the contrary, to a standstill. That is, it is shown that not only that they came from the mysterious planet, so they also had a wristwatch. How do you explain, is that no one knows. Though, as history proves, the Sumerians, a people that has been highly developed civilization, and there they are in the 4th and 3rd millennium BC. Then the city was called Sumer, and now it is modern day Iraq.

The ancient Sumerians state 4

Also interesting is that it was found a large number of records in which there is proof that the Sumerians could calculate geometric shapes, square roots, use general mathematical system, as we are doing now. But it was so long ago and where they all could know about it. As soon as we were able to really understand the mathematics in the 20th century.

The ancient Sumerians state 5

Mysteries, secrets, history, all that can be associated with only one nation and that the Sumerians. To new to scientists and archaeologists have found, each time they are wondering how they could think of to all of this at the time. Maybe we’ll someday learn the truth, and the mystery will be solved, but not yet.