The saltiest lake in Russia

Would you at least once to go to paradise, where peace and tranquility, calmness and tranquility. This place wants to find every man for himself, so let’s go to Pallasovsky area. That’s where you’ll find a lovely, quiet, peaceful park where you can see the salt lake called Elton.

The saltiest lake in Russia 2

The lake was discovered at a time when there was Ivan the Terrible. That is, when the Astrakhan Khanate was defeated and captured, that’s when it was discovered that the lake is a great place for the extraction of salt. Probably the most salt was produced at a time when the rules are Elezaveta Petrovna. But since 1980, ceased production of salt and simple pores, this place is no longer a resort.

The saltiest lake in Russia 3

If we talk about the size, it is the largest mineral lake, which is only now exists in Europe. Its area is 152 square kilometers. During the summer, the depth of the lake is only 7 centimeters, but here in the spring, is another matter. That is, in the spring, the lake may reach a depth of 1.5 meters. If we compare this with his dead sea, the lake Elton 1.5 times the mineralization.

The saltiest lake in Russia 4

By the way, the entire lake area is now part of the National Park Eltonsky. In addition, come here, look at that dirt that is on the bottom, treatment. And if you like a bit and look closely, you can see and mineral spring, which is 3 kilometers away from the lake.

The saltiest lake in Russia 5

So it is a miracle, is worth seeing, because the Dead Sea, visited almost every one of us, so why not visit and the unique lake. In memory of these things remain for a long time, and just wondering what else there in Russia such that we did not have time to look. The more that this lake is so big that the whole or revised. Try it and you will enjoy this trip.