Geneva cave near the city of Divnogorsk

Probably the most beautiful place on the Earth, which can be seen in the Krasnoyarsk region, this cave Geneva. It is located 22 kilometers from the city of Divnogorsk. Water that constantly penetrates the bowels of the earth, constantly eroding the rock, thereby paving their way. It thus forms the underground kingdom. As scientists discovered in a cave so many moves that list them very difficult area of the cave is 5284 meters and a depth of 60 meters.

Geneva cave near the city of Divnogorsk 2

If you are thinking to visit the cave, you should remember that you need to follow all the rules. That is, going down into the cave, you can not make a noise, and especially to publish loud sounds. After all, you do not know exactly how it may affect the structure and, especially since it can cause the collapse of stones. Also, not knowing that the inhabitants are in a cave, it is better not to touch their hands, will be a more expensive. And, of course, go only in groups, as not knowing the area, you can easily get lost. The more that the Geneva cave is not small in size.

Geneva cave near the city of Divnogorsk 3

In addition, it should be remembered attributes such as a flashlight, shoes and should be comfortable and never squeeze. Necessarily, on hands should be gloves. Do not forget warm clothes, because under the ground, where there is no sunlight, can be very cold and, of course, a helmet. It is necessary in any case, because anything can be.

Geneva cave near the city of Divnogorsk 4

Cave’s enter has a wonderful shape, funnel-shaped, size is 6×3 meters. In order to approach the cave, you basically do not need, and this, that is, getting there is easy. The first descent was made in 1983. V. Ryabikhin, Mirontsev N., N. Ruzhin. So the cave is now open for a long time, but exploring it until now.

Geneva cave near the city of Divnogorsk 5

So if you have a desire to visit the cave, then remember that you must be a few people, as one goes down to no one. And if you must have all the necessary tools, starting with a flashlight to clothes.