Chegemskaya picturesque gorge

One of the most beautiful gorges located in Kabardino-Balkaria, can justly be regarded as tortuous and deep Chegemskaya gorge. The uniqueness of color gives a rapid flow of the river gorge, which, like a vise, compressed rocks and waterfalls with white foam and the top of the rocks, decorated with green bushes and trees.

Chegemskaya picturesque gorge 2

Jeeping as entertainment appeared relatively recently, but failed to score instantly popular. According to one of the most scenic routes Marhotskovo ridge are able to pass those who made the order for Jeeping. The meaning of «Chegema» with the language of the area is «broke ground» if the trust predictions that gave a name to the gorge Karashauay hero, who at one time, making verification of the power of his horse, struck a large opening in the rock.

Chegemskaya picturesque gorge 3

Before the tourist decided to visit this unbeatable location is accessible narrow, if sawn mountain river canyon, which has a wall of rocks in three meters. Wall Sioux Falls Aouzou that burst from the rocks — a bright point of interest Chegem canyon, so they called Crying waterfalls.

Chegemskaya picturesque gorge 4

Abay-Su waterfall, indicating which means «maiden plait» is on a special place in this gallery, because it breaks down from a height of thirty meters, holding up an infinite number of sprays. Being sprayed with this beautiful waterfall during the warmer months you can even swim. In winter, the waterfall subsides and silence envelops all around the ice.

Chegemskaya picturesque gorge 5

Each waterfall in the Chegemskaya gorge looks fine in the winter, because the top of the icicles hanging a lot, and at the bottom grow large blocks of ice that can close even a rock. This whole mosaic of ice, weaving and stratifying, can create amazing beauty of the picture.