Adamstown is a town on the island

Pitcairn name is not only a group of islands located in the Pacific Ocean, but the only inhabited island in the group — Pitcairn. All five islands. The climate is comfortable enough, subtropical humid. From July to August last dry season — winter. The only town on the island, which is also the capital of Adamstown.

Adamstown is a town on the island 2

The name of his city was named in honor of John Adams. He was an English sailor and participated in the uprising of the ship «Bounty». In 1790, members of the crew landed on Pitcairn Island and founded a small town named after him and a community leader of the islanders.

Adamstown is a town on the island 3

Although the area of the city is small, no more than 4.6 square kilometers, Adamstown can rightly be called the smallest capital of the world in terms of population, because there lives only about 70 people, and they all belong to the descendants of the mutineers from the ‘Bounty’, as well as several persons with Tahiti.

Adamstown is a town on the island 4

The island’s population is engaged in fishing and agriculture, and production of souvenirs. But, nevertheless, the foundation of the economy of Pitcairn is the release of postage stamps. They are made by local residents. Tourist infrastructure, despite the visiting tourists, the island is practically not developed. The town has no hotels, resorts traditional components, and the only attraction — a house where Adams.

Adamstown is a town on the island 5

The city has a square bell tower and the church. In the local school held online. The main way to get around the city on foot. In Adamstown not even its airport. The closest is in Tahiti. And here you can have the water to get to Pitcairn, with a permanent ferry service either, and have to hire a boat.