Hero-city Sevastopol

Probably there are almost no people from the former Soviet Union, who haven’t have rest in Crimea. Everyone knew about it and every citizen of this huge country strived to have rest there at least once. But, this place appeared to be very interesting for historians. Archaeological excavation show that this territory was inhabited by people long before Common Era.

Hero-city Sevastopol 2

One of the most beautiful cities of the Crimea peninsula is Sevastopol. The history of the city is very rich and interesting and attracts enormous amount of tourists from the former USSR and foreign countries. The history of modern Sevastopol have begun on 14 June 1783. During this very day the foundation for the first four stone constructions was laid. These building were: the Sevastopol squadron commander house, blacksmithy in the Admiralty, the chapel and the peer, which was called Grafskaya later. The building was supervised by a famous Foma Fomich Mekenzi.

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One of the most popular places in Sevastopol is the Grafskaya peer. Local people call it the landmark of the city. In the beginning there was only a small peer for boats, but specially for the Catherine II visit, it was decided to build broad stone stairs. Originally the peer was called Catherine’s, but later, against all the odds, renamed it as Grafskaya. Finally this name fastened to the peer. It is one of the first four buildings – starting points of the town.

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By the way the epithets glorious and renowned are used together with the name of the city knowingly, as the name of the city is formed from two Greek words: «sevastos» – that means holy or highly respected and «polis» – city. Obviously the saying «the way you name the ship influences the way it floats» justified the name of the city. There were quite many battles on this territory and Sevastopol was a winner finally.

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According to historical standards, Sevastopol may not be called an ancient city. However, there are more than enough sights in the city. For example, panorama The Siege of Sevastopol 1854-1855. The panorama is a painted canvas, located in a round building. When you are on the observation desk, you have a full impression that you are taking part in the actions around you.