Loucosts in search of their customers

So it turns out that today the most optimal option to get to the same Europe, not to mention the countries of South-East Asia, is the option to use the services of an airline, in the field of which the destination you need is located.

Find cheap flights

At the same time, one of the most critical moments of this process is usually the search for inexpensive air tickets, because in some cases, their cost can reach half the cost of the tour itself. And here on the proceeds can come the so-called low-costers, airlines, the price of tickets for which in some cases are comparable to the cost of lunch in an inexpensive restaurant, even with the cost of a bottle of good wine.

Flight Moscow — Bangkok cheap

And if, some, of potential passengers believe that this is not real, many airlines have already proved this in their practice. So in particular, to reduce the cost of air tickets, airlines working on a low-budget principle, start saving even at the airport itself. After all, probably, very few people know that a significant part of the cost of the ticket is the so-called «airport tax», which includes all the costs associated with the service, both the airliner and the passengers themselves in the airport itself.

And this is cleaning of premises, maintenance of technical personnel and other expenses aimed at ensuring that the passenger of a flight flies during and with the least trouble. With this in mind, almost all low costers offer passengers to pay the fee themselves, without including this amount in the cost of the ticket itself.

In addition, the same motto «Moscow-Bangkok cheap» will become quite real in the event that the liner will not depart from the central airport of a particular city, but more remote and less modern, where the same airport fee is much less.

From Moscow to Malaysia with discounts

No less remarkable moment in the matter of reducing the cost of a ticket can be the fundamental fact that a passenger, planning his next train, to a particular city, in advance. That greatly simplifies the work itself, and significantly reduces the cost of airfare for the passenger himself. After all, in this case, the airline receives a prepaid service and can dispose of these funds at its discretion. And the flight from Moscow to Malaysia with discounts becomes quite real.

In this case, almost all loukosterov welcome buying tickets not only in advance, but also round trip. After all, the passenger himself, with this option, has a headache associated with the purchase of a return air ticket, and the company has additional funds to ensure not only flight safety, but also to increase its service.