The highest building in the world

The desire of man to reach heaven and build the tallest building in the world is known since time immemorial. And every new generation of humanity tried to go down in history by creating a more gigantic skyscraper that would necessarily leave behind all the vain efforts of its predecessors.

The highest building

Today, Burj Khalifa is rightfully the leader of the championship — as the tallest building in the world and the pride of not only Dubai, where it is located, but also of all mankind. This skyscraper, which is 163 stories high, is a construction that can hardly be called an ordinary building. «Stalagmite» made of glass and concrete is a city in a city where not only offices, a hotel and shopping centers are located, here there are their own streets, parks, fountains, lawns, a unique microclimate was created and every detail of a large-scale construction was thought out. But the main thing that attracts the tallest building in the world is thousands of tourists every day, so it’s a viewing platform, which is located at an altitude of 124 floors. From here you can see simply amazing views of the whole city and the coast, so visiting this place is really worth the time and money.

10 the highest buildings in the world

Other countries of the world can also show the tallest building. Maybe they are not so high, but no less interesting in architectural terms. One of the pioneers of the use in the construction of modern technologies is the Empire State Building in New York, which this year already celebrated its 85th birthday. «Grandfather» skyscrapers and today has not strongly surrendered its position, it is still included in the 10 tallest buildings in the world.

Another tallest building and the handsome in the world of architectural giants is the Taipei skyscraper in Taiwan, 101 stories high above the ground. The uniqueness of this structure lies not only in its height, but also in the fact that the building is built in a seismic zone and is often subjected to earthquakes. To the skyscraper was not damaged as a result of such tremors, its architects embodied in life the original idea — a giant ball-stabilizer, which is inside the structure.

The pride of China is the Shanghai Financial Center, it is only a few meters behind the giant from Taiwan, but at the same time has its own peculiarities and a zest in the form of a trapezoidal window with a viewing platform on the one hundredth floor of the building. The 10 tallest buildings in the world also offer guests to look at the city from a bird’s eye view.

But the architectural heritage and pride of Malaysia are the world famous towers Petronas. Their distinctive feature is the high-altitude bridge, located at an altitude of 58 floors. The total building has a height of 452 meters and is equipped with a base in the shape of a pointed star.