Holidays in Israel

Awesome country of Israel. It is located on a small space off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and is surrounded by deserts, forests and mountains. It is difficult to describe in a few words the rest in Israel. This is the magnificent beaches, and health resorts, and nature reserves, as well as city vanity.

Rest in Israel. Golden Season

Autumn in Israel is warm and dry and begins from the middle of September, but the summer season officially ends in October. At this time, there is a pleasant weather, no rains, which are typical for November, and the temperature is about +30 ° C. Rest in Israel during this period is the most comfortable, you can enjoy the sea, gentle wind, sunbathe.

The only city that can take tourists all year round is Eilat. Here, regardless of the season, it is warm and clear, and the sun, unlike other cities, shines up to nine hours a day. The rest of the cities enter the rainy season and better plan their vacation in October.

Israel Attractions

Of course, those who are planning a trip to Israel can not remain indifferent to the religious relics of this country. Three world religions have found refuge here: Judaism, Islam and Christianity. The map of Israel is full of all known names — Nazareth, Jerusalem, the Sea of ​​Galilee. This is the Holy Land with a thousand-year history. It is here that you can come in contact with something very ancient and exciting.

Israel is called the country of four seas, the most unusual of which, of course, is the Dead Sea, whose water is heavier than the human body. Dead Sea muds have unique healing properties and are successfully applied by local doctors. Every year thousands of tourists buy tours to Israel to see cities, parks, seas, the famous Negev desert, to visit local national holidays and to bring great photos of Israel.

Comfort and comfort of the European level

Hotels in Israel are characterized by a high level of service. The rooms are carefully thought out so that visitors can relax as much as possible after long excursions. Despite the rest in autumn, the prices for accommodation are quite high, the cheapest room in the hostel will cost you $ 50. But, despite the prices, so as not to spoil your impression of the trip, it is better to book a room in advance in which you will feel comfortable and be able to get a real pleasure from the rest.