Holiday in the Canary Islands

The tourist season in many European countries, as a rule, ends with the advent of autumn. But not in Spain, at this time, many tourists plan their vacation in the Canary Islands. Here is still excellent summer weather, but without scorching heat, a gentle sun, a small breeze and the same warm sea.

Holidays in the Canary Islands. Benefits of Autumn

Autumn vacation is attractive because you can devote it not only to the beach, but also to various walking tours and sightseeing. In addition, a holiday in the Canary Islands will allow you to visit several national holidays. Attracts tourists this archipelago and tempting prices, so hotels in the Canary Islands are cheaper for tourists than on the mainland.

Soft sand, small clouds, a tonic and invigorating ocean, blowing a light breeze — rest in the fall on the Canary Islands is the best time to travel with children. Of the seven islands for recreation in autumn, it is better to stay at two: Tenerife and Gran Canaria, and windsurfing lovers should better choose Fuerteventura. This is one of the largest and densely populated islands of the archipelago. And Tenerife is often called the island of eternal spring.

The best events in the Canary Islands in November

Why is it better to plan your holiday in November? It’s not just about weather and prices. November in the Canaries is rich in various events. In Fuerteventura you will be waiting for the festival of kites. The resorts of Tenerife and Gran Canaria organize a holiday of local wine, which all the inhabitants of the archipelago want to visit. A very unusual holiday of St. Andres can be visited on Tenerife. And of course your trip to the Canary Islands will not be complete if you do not see the real Spanish flamenco, a magnificent dance of passion and love.

A few tips for holidaymakers

Even in the low season, it is better to book tours to the Canary Islands in advance. If you are planning to rent a car you will need a tourist map of the Canary Islands. With a strong wind, even at low temperatures, you can earn a burn. Nevertheless, it is better to take an extra towel with you to the beach, and when collecting a suitcase on the way to put a few warm things. And, of course, do not forget to bring pictures of the Canary Islands with a rest to save your trip in the family album.