Where to go to have a rest with a small child

In every family in which there is a child, the question was raised — where to go to rest with a small child. Because almost all parents do not see the meaning of life without their child, his smiles, cunning faces, warm embraces and snoring of a sleeping angel. Almost all pediatricians repeat in one voice that it is better not to change the climate to a child before the year. And one should listen to this.

Where to go to rest with the baby?

The biggest problem can be the baby’s nutrition — not in every country you can find products that are familiar to the baby. Especially it concerns milk mixtures. A child up to a year reacts very sharply even to a change of water, even boiled, even filtered. In addition, the question — where to go to rest with a very tiny child, will get even more acute, since most of the hotels take children to rest after two years. Therefore, a small child will cause additional difficulties.

Documents for the child’s travel

In the first year of the child’s life, it is better to take up the preparation of documents for his travel abroad. Any child — a citizen of the Russian Federation, you can issue a personal travel document, or you can simply enter one of the parents’ passports. For those who rarely travel, option number two will do. But for those who often, at least twice a year, thinks where to buy a ticket, it is worthwhile to issue a separate document for the child.


Traveling with a child requires careful preparation, not a single detail should slip away from your attention. The most important thing is to determine the place of rest, without having to choose distant exotic countries, even if the child will well endure a long flight — it is not known what acclimatization will be, but definitely it will be very long.

Today, the best places for beach family vacation are Turkey, Croatia, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece and Italy. In these countries, tourists with children are fond of, for them everything is thought out literally for children’s comfort — from the children’s menu in the restaurant, comfortable cots in the room to the pools and entertainment clubs.

Europe is perfect for sightseeing tours and traveling with a toddler. In winter, ski resorts are better to go when the child is already 4 years old, then he can get real pleasure from winter recreation — sledging, skiing, skating, modeling a snowman, hot cocoa in a cafe.