Holidays in the UAE

If you are a big fan of a diverse holiday, combining elements of hotel comfort and extreme entertainment, then vacation in the UAE is your choice. After all, it is in this country that the main motto of the tourist business is: «We will build everything to surprise everyone with what exists and what does not exist».

Holiday in the UAE and its national characteristics

When you contact any travel agency about the possibility of organizing a holiday in the UAE in the winter, it is most likely that you will be warned first of all that, unlike other world resorts and resorts in Europe, tours of the UAE do not have such a notion as » burning «permits. After all, despite the decent high cost of this pleasure, those wishing to make this trip to the «earthly» tale are always enough.

Indeed, traveling to the UAE costs such money. At the same time it is worth noting that in the UAE, winter rest is almost unequivocal with rest any other period of the year. And if you decide to meet the same New Year, not in Courcheveli or another snow-covered place of the Planet, then rest in December and New Year’s Eve in the Arab Emirates will be remembered to you no less than in the same Courcheveli or Lesser Tatras.

Kingdom of diving and sand of the Persian Gulf

So in particular if the Emirate speaks of snow-white sand on the beach, then it really is snow-white. As if, every Friday, diligent guest workers, carefully wash it with powder, in a washing machine, and then, after rinsing and drying, lay out early in the morning on the azure coast of the Persian Gulf. At the same time, a similar impression is being created by the UAE hotels, which are quite difficult to bring under any «star» system.

Not in the loser are the same lovers of underwater extreme, which they want, they will get. Starting from the unique landscapes of artificial coral reef with obligatory flocks of almost aquarium fish, to almost a real cemetery of sunken ships. And even if you want to find an almost real Byzantine amphora or other pseudo-historical artifact, then for an additional fee you will find it by the next dive. So, that any photo of the «UAE and my adventures in this country fairy tale» will be unique and inimitable. And in order to make it easier for you to navigate in all the vicissitudes of this tourist paradise, the tourist map of the UAE will be your best guide.