Holidays in the Maldives

The peculiarity of idle pastime on these thousand islands located in the equatorial part of the Indian Ocean is quite simply called, as a holiday in the Maldives. But, not looking at some paucity of this phrase, for many of our compatriots, she says a lot. After all, rest at the resorts of this island state is rightfully considered a standard.

Rest in the Maldives: this is, first of all, good hotels and the highest level of service

However, when planning your holiday in the Maldives, and were already going to visit the office of the nearest travel agency, first of all, be prepared for such a turn of events that even rest in winter in this fabulous corner of our Planet is not a cheap pleasure. Indeed, based on many years of practice, according to many experts of the tourism market, tours to the Maldives are a pleasure not for the middle class, but for the category of tourists whose income part of the family budget is much higher than the average.

In this case, even if you collect the necessary amount for this amazing trip to the Maldives, then flying almost two continents on British Airways aircraft, you can get into a somewhat uncomfortable environment of exorbitant luxury and expensive pleasures. However, if you discard these several negative aspects of the upcoming trip, then the same rest in December in the Maldives will seem to you not an earthly paradise. At the same time, this mainly applies to divers, for whom the most comfortable conditions are created here, almost the same as those provided by hotels in the Maldives.

Maldivian diver-paradise and its features

Usually, many divers practice not only in such water bodies as the Black Sea or Rybinsk Reservoir, they compare diving in the Maldives with a similar occupation in the same Red Sea, as the flora and fauna of these diving areas have quite a lot similar. However, there are some differences. In particular, it is clearly visible, if you took some photos of the Maldives during the next dive into the water element of the coastal strip of these islands. So in particular the corals of the Red Sea are brighter and colorful than their Maldivian brethren. And in the Maldives you practically will not see a large marine life, similar to the same sharks and sea rays.

However, it is worth remembering such a feature of diving on these islands. In order to protect coral reefs, the authorities strictly defined the places where you can dive. Proceeding from this, the map of the Maldives, contains quite clear directions for diving enthusiasts, about the boundaries of the selected water areas of the coastal strip of the ocean where immersion is allowed. It should be noted that if you do not have special diver insurance, the local marine police can take your equipment from you and issue a nearly symbolic fine of several hundred US dollars.