Winter Holidays in the Dominican Republic

When a long cold and harsh winter so lacks a caressing sun and a warm sea, it’s time to spend time and how to relax in hot countries. And a holiday in the Dominican Republic, where an endless summer reigns all year round, is an excellent option for this!

Preliminarily, of course, you need to prepare: to buy the necessary things and accessories, plus it was very handy and technical equipment — a good smartphone, for example, an excellent choice of such phones I can advise on To make high-quality photos and videos, and even can be immediately laid out in your favorite social network.

Holiday in the Dominican Republic in the winter

Certainly, an excellent holiday in the Dominican Republic can be held at any time of the year, but it is especially good in winter, when tourists have a chance to escape from the dullness, snow and blizzard to the warm beaches of this country. At this time of year in the Dominican Republic the minimum rainfall falls, so the humidity of the air becomes comfortable for tourists.

The same can be said about the temperature. In the winter it is not too different from summer. It rises here at an average of + 27-29 degrees, which makes here a holiday in winter pleasant and suitable for any kind of recreation, both active (for example, diving or other types of water sports) and passive, for amateurs

A variety of winter holidays in the Dominican Republic

For many tourists, including our compatriots, for a long time there is no question: «Where to go in winter». Many go to the island of Haiti specifically to see with their own eyes the stalactite caves that are amazingly beautiful, which are located under water near the islands of Saone and Catalina. Diving is a fairly common sport in the Dominican Republic.

By the way, the Dominican Republic is a great place where you can spend a memorable holiday for the whole family with a child in the winter. In addition to the warm sea and sandy beaches, which are sure to please any person, both a child and an adult, children can be interested in the Aquarium, where the underwater world is represented in all its glory, and visit a zoo and a lot of bird parks.

Hotels in the Dominican Republic

Having decided to spend the Dominican rest on the sea in the winter, it is worthwhile to think in advance about finding suitable accommodation on this island. After all, from December to February, there is a major influx of tourists. So it’s better to book a hotel room in advance, because in the peak season they can already be occupied. But do not forget about the «burning» tours to the Dominican Republic, where for a pleasant price you can find an excellent offer for recreation.

It is worth noting that the diversity of hotels on the island is amazing. Everyone can make their choice according to their preferences and financial possibilities. Probably, it is because of these factors that the Dominican Republic chooses more and more tourists every year. After all, this state is an excellent place where you can relax in winter with increased comfort and unforgettable impressions.