The best rest in the world — in Karelia

When you first get to Karelia, you are surprised at how diverse and diverse it is. Monuments storing and reflecting the history of the northern people are combined with the natural charm and beauty of this northern land. And we can say that here is the best holiday in the world.

What rest in the world to compare with this?

The two largest lakes of Europe — Onega and Ladoga, are located in Karelia. And here a lot of tourists come to rest, in the world there are practically no similar places. Lakes are surrounded by a coniferous dense forest, which only emphasizes the mystery and magical charm of these places. All this combined with the affability of the local population made Karelia one of the favorite places for tourists to visit.

Coming here for summer rest, you can prefer water tourism, for example, both experienced and novice tourists can enjoy swimming on the catamaran along the Shuya River — lovers of extreme rest. Many prefer active recreation in Karelia, get acquainted with the edge, traveling by bicycle or car. Some tourist bases offer to enjoy Karelian nature during horse walks, held year-round.

Winter rest in Karelia is no less interesting and diverse. In addition to hunting and fishing, as well as ski walks, tourists are offered an unusual kind of rest — dog sledding. This kind of entertainment just will stay in your memory for a long time.

A journey into the world of relaxation and excitement

In addition to active pastime, tourists can visit historical heritage sites, among which the first resort of Russia called «Marcial Waters», which was laid down by decree of Peter I in 1719. The resort is located 50 kilometers from Petrozavodsk and is now a sanatorium where people with various diseases of the blood, digestive and respiratory organs receive the necessary treatment with the help of natural factors. First of all, water obtained from wells on the territory of the resort is used for treatment.

The next mandatory place, which is better to make a trip, is Kizhi Island in Onega Lake. The island can be reached by water on a «comet» — water transport on an air cushion, which departs from the embankment of Petrozavodsk. The architectural ensemble of the island, consisting of the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord, the Resurrection Church and the bell tower, gained its fame by being built without nails.

In fact, nails are still used in construction, but only to attach some parts of the domes. Getting to Karelia, it is impossible not to notice the combination of the natural beauty of this region and its historical significance, as well as to evaluate the variety of the proposed recreation in different seasons.