Monastery of Ganin Yama

This place once used to be notorious, since it was here, a little less than a century ago in 1918, that everything that linked Russia to the monarchy was destroyed. The monastery of Ganin Yama is built on the remains of an abandoned mine, in which the remains of all members of the royal family were burned.

Ganina Yama Monastery

All the monastic buildings are made of wood. This is not an accident, but a pattern. All the first Russian churches were built from this material, so the monastery of Ganin Yama should be the starting point for the revival of lost spirituality.

In a quiet secluded place near Yekaterinburg, even in Brezhnev times, pilgrims came in secret to pay tribute to the last of the Romanov dynasty. Only in 1991 there was an opportunity to establish a memorial cross, and in 2000 to begin construction of the main temple in honor of the Holy Royal Passion-Bearers.

Journey to the temples of the monastery

On the territory of the monastery there are seven temples. All of them are in a pine forest. A trip to the monastery of Ganin Yama is a pilgrimage to the site of the innocent death of the holy family. Temples have to solitude and prayer. The smell of fresh resin, twilight and measured reading tune into a special perception of reality. All the temples of the monastery have their names and purposes. They are erected in honor of the royal family, Job of the Long-suffering, Sergius of Radonezh, Seraphim of Sarov, St. Nicholas, the Iveron Icon of the Mother of God and the Icon of the Mother of God «Derzhavnaya».

Pilgrimage to the monastery is not only an opportunity to pray in solitude, but also to bow to a place that has become memorable for every Russian.

Tourism in holy places

In our country, tourism is an industry that continues to develop and has a very good future. There are all new places that are visited with pleasure, both by compatriots, and by foreigners. The subtleties of tourism in Russia — is its rich history and culture, as well as holy places with special magnetism.

The journey to Ganin Yama will allow you to see not only the temples, but also many things that are not located in the monastery grounds. I must say that all the buildings are built of wood, it looks very colorful in combination with the ancient trees that surround them.

A bell tower, a museum and a church shop can present a lot of new information to visitors. The subtleties of tourism in the monastery consist in the fact that those who come from afar can spend the night in it and taste the monastic cuisine — everything is completely free. And around the picturesque places of interest in Europe …