Holiday in Malta

If you are tired of the city bustle from the endless noise of a huge metropolis, then the best place, like a holiday in Malta, you will not find. It seems that there is everything you want: attractions, beaches, diving and, of course, yacht rental.

Best holiday in Malta

It is really quiet quiet, serene and resting island. Malta is rich in its beautiful architecture with a warm pleasant climate, clean sea and radiant smiles of hospitable Maltese people. Rest in Malta will be an excellent alternative to any other resort.

Malta is an island that is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and there is no fresh water here. It is simply manufactured in a special enterprise. And therefore the water is appreciated by all the inhabitants of the country. However, Malta, a chic place for shopping is known to everyone. The market of Malta is distinguished by its products by handwork and an abundance of crafts, as well as antiquarian things.

But not only is the island famous for shopping, a trip to Malta will give a lot of pleasant impressions. It combines Italian architecture and British telephone booths, and a pleasant Arabic accent makes it unique. The Maltese are so cheerful people that it is impossible, when visiting the country not to visit one of the theatrical performances, or the carnival procession.

Traveling in Malta

All the houses in Malta are painted in the same sand color, but among themselves they are decorated with differently colored balconies. Hotels in Malta are always hospitable. There are no street names on the island. And there are only special nominal clay tablets on which the names of the house are written. Instead of a doorbell, the Maltese use the door handles to beat them. And what only handles do not happen. The most spread handle of the beater is in the form of a dolphin. After all, according to legend, it is the dolphin that brings luck and well-being.

Previously, cacti in Malta planted only as a fence, but then someone tried it on the palate and since then, cacti eat everything and everywhere. Cactus of the prickly pear is an edible cactus, from which desserts are made compotes jam and liqueur. Cactus fruits come in three varieties: purple, green and orange. Orange tastes a little like persimmon, but green as a regular cucumber.

But Maltese cuisine is a mix of European traditions and local culinary art. Especially popular are institutions that specialize in cooking Italian or French cuisine. But the most favorite dish of the Maltese is a rabbit, which is cooked on an open fire and adds a complex bouquet of seasonings and spices. But what a Maltese dinner without wine. When visiting a restaurant, you should try local wine, because on the shelves of Russian shops you will not find Maltese wine.