Safe rest in Switzerland and not only

It’s hard not to agree that the security of the country in which it is planned to spend your vacation, for example, planning a vacation in Switzerland is the first thing the future traveler wants to be sure of. Therefore, before you collect your things and rush to a well-deserved rest, any of the tourists will first be convinced that there is no chosen country, and in the near future, wars, terrorist attacks and political instability are not expected.

On the first place — rest in Switzerland

Which countries can be considered the safest? In the first place, you can safely put a country like Switzerland — it is considered one of the most law-abiding and clean. And even if you are allergic to something — clean air, the Alps can well improve your health. And with its ski resorts no other country can compare. And even, all the advantages of this safe for the rest and tourism of the country can be listed for a long time, but the main of them we will now cite. So…

Especially large influx of tourists who came to rest in Switzerland, is observed in the winter, because skiing, snowballs and snowboards from the slopes of the Alps — this is something that will never be forgotten. Still it is possible to drive perfectly and from Jura mountains and not only on the specified stock, and even on … the dog team. In addition, the Swiss resorts are gaining momentum horsbreeding popularity — this is such a sport that we compare only with water skiing, but instead they use … a horse.

Ski resorts in Europe are divided into 4 categories of complexity, providing not only steep slopes for professionals, but also gentle slopes perfectly suitable for recreation with children. In addition, most of the tracks have round-the-clock coverage — is this a pleasant surprise?


In second place is safely placed Singapore. In this country there are no political cataclysms, instability, but there is a potential danger from … sunstroke. The country is equatorial, incredibly hot and quite humid in the climate, they go not only to relax, but also for shopping. It was Singapore that managed to become famous as the «City of our century», and all because it connects the West with the East and gives tourists a comfortable, exciting and best vacation in the world with a full range of entertainment and services.

New Zealand

The third place is occupied by New Zealand, offering many opportunities for an excellent holiday. The magnificent beaches of this country are simply created in order to never leave them: the coastal relief allows you to perfectly relax on all local beaches. Even here from all over the world, divers like the beauties of the local underwater world like to gather. Rest in New Zealand can be perfectly combined with treatment — in the country there are hot thermal springs.

Finally, we should mention a country like China. Tours in China are no less popular than in the countries described above. In addition, tourists who visited the Chinese, assured that once visiting the Middle Kingdom, will want to return there again and again. It seems that they should be trusted and … checked.