Travel to Egypt

Egypt is a charming country on the Red Sea coast. And 80% of tourists arrive in this country, only for the sake of the sea. Traveling to Egypt is always filled with exciting impressions. Hot tours to Egypt from St. Petersburg or Moscow at any time of the year — this is an excellent prospect for vacation.

Any time of year travel to Egypt

The perfect time to travel to Egypt is from September to November and from March to May. In the summer months, the temperature can reach 42 degrees, and in winter, as a rule, very windy. In Sharm El Sheikh is always a little warmer than in Hurghada, this is due to the geography of the coast, in Sharma the coast is divided into small bays that hide the shore from the winds.

The country can be conditionally divided into two tourist centers, Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada. One of the few countries in the world where the digging season lasts all year round. The water temperature in the winter months does not fall below 20 degrees, and the average temperature is 24 degrees.

«Bay of Sheikhs» literal translation of the world-famous Sharm El Sheikh region. Just a few dozen years ago, there was a fishing village inhabited by Bedouins. But today the coast looks quite different. Hotels in Egypt, there are simply a huge number of them, and they are concentrated mainly in bays. Here everyone can find a hotel for himself, from modest 2 * to luxury 5 *. Surprising beauty coral reefs run along the entire coast and you do not even need to be a professional diver to see the beauty of the underwater world, just have a mask, and you will fully immerse yourself in this enchanting atmosphere.

Advantages of Egypt

Hurghada is one of the ancient cities of Egypt, the city is inhabited by local people, which is already different from the resort of Sharm El Sheikh. It is completely a tourist region, and only local staff can meet with the local. Another feature of this region is the location, all the resorts are located between the sea and the desert, which always creates windy weather. But in this connoisseurs of water sports found a big plus. The region is very developed skiing on the kite, surfing, sailing and, of course, diving, and snorkeling. Hurghada is perfect for resting with children, because the sunset is very comfortable here, it is flat and without corals, and in Sharma without special shoes it is impossible to go into the water.

A lot of important advantage of Egypt can also be considered, sightseeing objects. The most ancient architectural monument is the Egyptian pyramids, it attracts millions of tourists annually. Also from excursions that take place on the territory of the country can be noted, Luxor, the monastery of St. Catherine, Mount Moses, the national reserve «Ras Muhammed». Very popular jeep safari in the desert, boat trips on the sea with a dip.