Journey to the fairy tale

Lake Zyuratkul is a Ural pearl, located three hundred kilometers from Yekaterinburg. It is convenient to get there, if you choose a motel on the highway m5 for the night, and then make a trip. On the shore of the lake was built a fabulous recreation area — Kitova wharf. Fairytale is not a metaphor, but its essence. Starting from the main gate, tourists are met by the characters of the original Russian folklore.

Kitova wharf or a trip to the fairy tale

Every child knows such characters as the insidious Koschey, the cunning Baba Yaga, the brave Black Sea and his squad. The more interesting is the journey to these heroes in reality. And, Especially happy meeting with them in the most unexpected place on the shore of a picturesque lake. The Kitov Quay recreation area was formed by Yuri Kotov, who spared no effort and energy, as well as material resources for the erection of this unique complex.

The whole entourage of the theme park consisted of fairy-tale characters and no less unexpected buildings in the form of a castle, towers, taverns and huts where you can not only get enough, but also stop for the night. Not without reason Kitova wharf was called «Ural Disneyland». Perhaps, there were no dizzying hills and frightening animators, but this corner was saturated with the original Russian national identity.

An Amazing Journey into the Enchanted World

Entrance to the fairy-tale world was guarded by robbers who did not prevent peaceful tourists from visiting such attractions of Europe and to rest on the shore under the measured whisper of waves. On the territory of the park there was a fortress, to which led a wooden stage. The church with a dome and a cross, despite its miniature dimensions, looked like the original. The manor house and miniature mill made the entourage the most truthful and vital. Traditional for Russian fairy tales the hut on chicken legs stood among tall trees, and on its threshold of tourists met the hostess of possessions.

All interested could absolutely free of charge, making a trip, to appear in this fascinated world. In addition to fairy-tale characters and buildings, Lake Zyuratkul is famous for its century-old trees, clear water and air, flavored with aromatic herbs. Particular pride of the organizers were two schooners, swaying on the waves near the shore, to which the wooden platforms were leading. Anyone wishing to board, could feel himself a sea wolf and conqueror of the water element.

Regrettable is the fact that in 2012 this fabulous wooden town was closed and destroyed. In this regard, tourism in this region began to suffer heavy losses and decreased by a third. Now it remains only to remember the place where the fairy tale lived. But, created the Whale Quay do not give up hope that everything can be restored.