Khao Lak

If you compare a fairly large number of resorts located in Thailand, the resort of Khao Lak is more popular among family holidaymakers, as this resort is the most convenient place for children to relax with their parents.

Khao Lak Resort

Despite the fact that the resort of Khao Lak is located some distance from the main entertainment centers of Thailand, because before Phuket, you need to travel by bus or taxi a little over a hundred kilometers, the authorities of the city tried that all visitors would not feel than they are deprived. With this in mind, this resort town has almost all kinds of leisure activities that are available for the most fashionable resort in the world. And this applies not only to the fact that the hotel in Khao Lak should be designed for a different level of financial capabilities of the client, but also the availability of a wide network of cafes, restaurants and shopping and entertainment centers.

In addition, in Khao-Lak, visitors from other resort cities of Thailand can also be found quite often, because besides the classics of any resort, Kao-Lak also has such a sight that many resorts of Asia do not possess. Indeed, since 1991, almost next to the city, the Kao-Lak-Lam-Rou National Park has emerged, which in its area of one hundred and fifty square kilometers represents virtually all of the natural areas of Thailand.

And this is not only the mountain range covered by the traditional deciduous forest for Thailand, but also the coastal part of the park, bordering the resort beaches of Khao Lak. So, a significant part of visitors to this resort can admire the magnificent nature of this park without leaving their sun loungers on the beach or viewing these delights through the window of their hotel room. However, taking advantage of this opportunity, each of the tourists to save not so much just ten baht, which is hardly enough for a bicycle rental or a traditional trip to a Thai elephant. So, that Kao-Lak rightfully belongs to that category of resorts, which are called as the most interesting places of Asia.

How to get there?

Since the Khao Lak resort is not so far from Phuket, which is only about a hundred kilometers along a magnificent highway, you can only get to the resort by airplane. At the same time, the flight from Moscow can be no more than nine hours, and then naturally it’s either a comfortable tourist bus or an equally comfortable taxi. A longer than you will wait for the friendly receptionist and manager at the reception.