The world of health or alternative rest in the Caucasian Mineral Waters

Before plunging into the world of tours and tours to Turkey or Egypt, it is worth considering, and can you relax much better without leaving Russia? After all, in our wonderful country there are also wonderful resorts, and clean water reservoirs, mountains and rivers and a lot of sanatoriums and tourist centers, which for many will seem much more attractive than a worn out foreign country.

Best among resorts, known to the whole world

One of such places, known throughout the world — is the Caucasian Mineral Waters in the Stavropol Territory. This resort is also suitable for lovers to luxuriate on the sea shore, because not far from MinVod there is the Black Sea, where you can relax if you do not want to wander around the resort towns with which the Stavropol Territory is rich.

Those who prefer active rest and constant movement, will be able to spend their holidays with benefit, because. in this resort region they have the opportunity every day to explore the new city. You can start a trip from the same Kabardino-Balkaria, where tourists are waiting for the Narzanov Valley and therapeutic mud in the Tambukan Lake. And then in order to visit Mineral Waters, where you can admire the top of Elbrus and if you want to drive up to it about 100 kilometers, sitting on a sightseeing bus.

The next point may be Pyatigorsk, rich in its various sources, and in each mineral waters differ in their composition and medicinal properties. Also from Pyatigorsk, you can start a climbing route and keep course for the entire Central Caucasus.


In addition to all of the above, you should not forget about the rest of the world of tourism and recreation: about the wonderful Alley of Roses in Kislovodsk, where you can admire all kinds of these beautiful flowers, and then — ride a cable car in the same park.

And then you can consolidate your impression of the diversity of mineral springs in the Spa-therapeutic park by visiting the Essentuki health resort: Mud farm, Gallery of mineral spring No. 17, Essentuki town museum of local lore and Mausoleum of Essen-Tuk.

Zheleznovodsk is famous for its Iron Mountain, in which there is a cave with glaciers. After the cave you can walk to the eastern slope of the mountain, and already there you will walk along the Zheleznovodsk park.

You can talk a lot about each resort city, in which there are always parks, mineral springs, mountains and caves and sanatoria. In general, the Caucasian Mineral Waters is a real paradise for those who want to combine an interesting and diverse holiday with healing and restoring their strength.