Travel around the world

How meaningful is the phrase «journey around the world». For everyone, it is perceived in its own way and each represents something amazing, encouraging cheerfulness and relaxation. Unfortunately, many can not afford to travel because of a lack of money, but as practice shows, this is a solvable problem.

Economical journey around the world

Thanks to modern technology, traveling around the world has become easier and the most important thing is safer. You can preview the places you are going to in advance and read a large number of reviews from people who have already visited there. Also, the Internet opens and a host of other opportunities. So, you can join a group of couchsurfing, which brought together a large number of people around the world.

The essence of this network is that you are met by people and offer free housing at the time of rest. Moreover, they can also organize excursions and make a pleasant company. Thus, you can save on travel and find a place to stay overnight. Suppose, if you are going to Petersburg and want to walk around the Tsar’s village, then boldly enter into contact with the people concerned and agree on a trip.

Why is couchurfing?

The first most obvious reason is saving money. For example, accommodation in a megapolis hotel can reach 3,000 rubles per day, and using a network of couchsurfing, it will be free.

People who meet you know their city perfectly and can show you the best places.

Thanks to this volunteer organization, you get the opportunity to travel around the world.

Of course, there are other ways to make a free trip. For example, you can join a group of turtle teams and ride around the world, saving the turtles. Special skills or abilities are not needed here. Everything you need to learn, you will quickly master.

There is also an organization called «Voluntary Defenders of Nature», which accepts everyone who wants to join the ranks. You also get the opportunity to travel around Europe and at the same time to protect nature.