Journey Through Russia: Baikal — Great Lake

When you want to leave the city vanity, feel the greatness of the elements and touch the inexhaustible source of natural strength and power, many go on a journey. And, of course, tourists around the world turn their gaze to the pearl of Eastern Siberia, the deepest lake on the planet — Baikal.

We go on a trip to Lake Baikal

Journey Through Russia Baikal Great Lake 2

The nature of Baikal conquers with its primordial nature. The rich flora and fauna beckons to itself, giving an opportunity to see all the wealth of natural resources and make a trip to these amazingly beautiful places. This is the oldest lake — the sea on Earth. Yes, many call Baikal the sea, because of the peculiarities of its location and size. Located in the reef hollow, Baikal is surrounded on one side by rocky mountains, and on the other, the gentle bank of the Taiga covers the gentle shore of the lake.

Among the riches of the lake are three richest reserves: Baikal-Lensk, Baikal and Barguzin. Features of the Baikal landscape serve as a haven for the great variety of biological species. This is the only lake on Earth where a unique animal lives — a freshwater seal. It is a symbol of Baikal. She lives only there.

Journey Through Russia Baikal Great Lake 3

Flora and fauna

In addition to the seals in Baikal, there are more than 2000 species of aquatic animals. And 27 species of fish living in the lake, are not found anywhere else. This abundance is explained by the fact that the water contains a large amount of oxygen.

Baikal stores the largest reserves of fresh water. The water in the lake is so clear and clear that, despite the depth, it is possible in detail to consider the entire fabulous underwater world of Lake Baikal. Moreover, water in its composition is the most suitable for humans.

How to get to Lake Baikal

To get to the lake you need to get to Irkutsk — one of the major cities located near Baikal. From there, there are electric trains, motor ships, buses, fixed-route taxis. It all depends on the place on the coast that you want to visit. Another way, for those who want to visit Baikal, to reach it through Ulan-Ude.

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Despite the fact that this city is located a little further than Irkutsk, there are also electric trains and taxis. For romantics and avid travelers it is also possible to get to the cradle of nature by hitchhiking. But whatever route and route you choose, this trip will leave an indelible impression and desire to return here again, because it is the best rest in the world, which you can only dream about.