Coastal gardens


It is well known that one of the most dynamically developing business destinations in Singapore is tourism. And it is he who determines the numerous decisions in the architecture of this city. So the unique «Coastal Gardens» or «Gardens by the Bay» were no exception …

Plants on four continents or «Coastal Gardens»

Coastal gardens 2

As the story goes, when the Coastal Gardens, even as a concept, was proposed by a group of British designers to the Singapore authorities, they almost immediately agreed that a huge garden, in which plants from almost all four continents would be collected, would indeed be a unique object In the guise of the city. Indeed, having located over a hundred hectares of the territory of more than 220 thousand plants that grow not on relief areas or flower beds, but on giant trees, this is not just an original solution from landscape and garden design, it is already up to the decision of a worthy Guinness Book of Records.

However, given that eighteen giant «trees» made of steel and concrete and playing the role of a kind of support for the entire garden, rise to a height of 25 to 50 meters, this is not just interesting facts from the description of the construction of the «Coastal Gardens» or » Gardens by the Bay «, and a unique engineering solution. In addition, in the daytime this huge structure is considered as a kind of living wall of plants, but in the evening against the backdrop of the setting sun all this construction is illuminated by thousands of colorful lamps that gives the impression of a real giant fireworks.

Coastal gardens 3

Journey on the top of the «Coastal Garden»

However, British designers took care not only of the external surroundings of their offspring, but also of its functionality. After all, above all, «Coastal Gardens» or «Gardens by the Bay», this is a journey into an amazing world of entertainment. And it is for this purpose on the tops of the three highest «trees» are observation platforms, as well as small Chinese restaurants and European cafes. And in order to get a better impression, the extreme points of this peculiar garden are connected by a 128 meter hanging road, along which, regardless of the weather, you can make a walk, because the road is sheltered from the weather by a transparent plastic roof.

Coastal gardens 4

How to get to the Coastal Garden

Since for Singapore tourism is practically its main business card, it is not so difficult to get to this amazing city by the same airplane or on a cruise liner, but it is somewhat problematic to find the Coastal Gardens on its map «Gardens by the Bay». After all, in a sense, their greatness is slightly overshadowed by the famous hotel Marina Bay Sands, which is located almost next door. But Marina Bay Sands in Singapore knows almost every one of its residents.