Fort Chittorgarh


To say that India is just full of historical sights, it’s almost impossible to say anything. After all, this country is history itself, and one of the pages of which is Fort Chittorgarh Fort.

Fort Chittorgarh 2

Chittorgarh Fort (Fort Chittorgarh)

Perhaps those of us who are even a little interested in history are likely aware of the courageous exploit of the ancient Israeli Mossad fortress, when its defenders, not wanting to surrender to the mercy of the winner, went to an unequal battle with the enemy, and its inhabitants committed suicide. In the history of India there is also such a page and this is its fort Chittorgarh Fort, whose defenders and its inhabitants performed a similar feat in 1535.

However, time is merciless towards such monuments of history, and today the once grandiose and impregnable fortress, in which the ancient capital of Rajasthan was located, has been turned into historical ruins, where tourists are so fond of taking pictures.

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Chittorgarh and its decline

But in fact, in its years, virtually no journey through this territory has not crushed this grand fortress — the capital, which occupied neither more nor less, but more than 280 hectares of territory where, in addition to the palace buildings and dwellings of its inhabitants, there were more than one hundred and thirty Buddhist temples. At the same time, being the capital of Rajasthan, Chittorgarh also had a great commercial and economic significance for practically the entire territory of modern India. After all, it was in Chittorgarh that numerous trade caravans from the same China came. And it is from this that the fortress, the capital of Chittorgarh, was such a tasty morsel for numerous conquerors.

But it was this interest that led to the fact that, like many interesting places in Asia, Chittorgarh could not stand the months-long siege of the army of Gujarat Sultan Akbar and was destroyed almost to the ground by his troops in 1568. And from that time the once prosperous capital began to decline, because the capital of Rajasthan was transferred to Udaipur, and the ruins of the city got to the merciless winds, tropical rains and the hot sun.

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How to get there?

And, despite the fact that tourism for Fort Chittorgarh has become the main destiny of its modern existence, it is not so easy to get to it. After all, the old trade routes have gone far from its outskirts. However, having set a goal to Chittorgarh, you can get directly from New Delhi by crossing only 480 kilometers along the highway and the mountain roads of several states.