Park of Singing Trees

With a certain degree of certainty, we can say that many of us know the «Walk of Fame» located on Hollywood Boulevard of Los Angeles. Something similar, the authorities of the Danish Aalborg, decided to do in their city, breaking almost in its center park «Singing Trees» (Kildeparken).

Aalborg, Park Singing Trees

Park of Singing Trees 2

After almost 20 years, it is rather difficult to guess which of the deputies of the mayor’s office of the Danish city of Aalborg and what was the motivation for this idea to create a park of Singing Trees planted by musicians in the city, but most likely for analogy the Danes took the famous «Aley of Glory» located in Los -Angeles. But, despite the possible differences in priorities in 1987, while on tour in Aalborg Sir Cliff Richard, at that time a rising star of music in the style of «rock», planted the first tree in this peculiar park. And then the tradition was continued by such «rock monsters» as Sting, Guns N ‘Roses, Kenny Rogers, Tom Jones, Elton John, Shakira, Kylie Minogue, Andrea Bocelli, Bryan Adams and Take That.

And Take That is not the last name on the list of guest performers who have been in Alborg for the past period of time. In total for today in park grows 76 «musical» trees whose «Godfathers» continue to please the public with their creativity. Although it is worth noting that, having received the status of European attractions in Aalborg, the «Singing Trees» Park continues to grow not only in height, but also in breadth, because every year two or three world celebrity showbiz come to Aalborg. And it is quite possible that over time, trees will appear in the park with «humming» hits of the same Madonna or Beyonce, for which the ten thousandth site of the concert hall of Aalborg is still too small.

Park of Singing Trees 3

Technical features of the project

It so happened that the «singing» trees were not so long ago, because initially the concept of «singing trees» was invested somewhat differently than the physical reproduction of a particular hit of the project participant. The trees were singing, as they were planted by singing musicians. However, in 2011, the activists of Aalborg offered to voice singing trees in the fullest sense of the word.

The very idea was that next to the tree of a musician an electronic acoustic module was installed, which, when the button was pressed, began to reproduce this or that melody of the musician or rock band that planted the tree. That’s exactly how the trees became really «singing». And with the advent of such a tourist object, the journey through Denmark has become even more popular, because not everyone will be lucky to stand next to the tree that Sir Alton John or Shakira himself planted.