Transparent hotel «Dream catcher»

In the south of France, in the commune Allosh, there is a transparent hotel «Dream Catcher», where you can spend the night under the starry sky, surrounded by wild nature. Its unusual rooms are made in the form of plastic balls, resembling huge bubbles.

Transparent hotel «Dream catcher»

Transparent hotel Dream catcher 2

Transparent plastic gives an excellent opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature and the night starry sky, without getting out of bed. For courageous travelers, the transparent hotel «Dream Catcher» — this is an excellent alternative to tent rest seems to be a very attractive option. Each of the five rooms is equipped with a telescope, through which guests can feel like real astronomers, admiring the stars.

The author of portable transparent huts is the French designer Pierre Stefan Dumas, he sought to create a cozy place for temporary residence, which will contribute to a sense of unity with nature. Each plastic hemisphere is 4 meters in diameter, and its height is 3 meters. The design is mounted on a pedestal of wooden boards, and a bubble, protecting from UV rays, is made of fire-resistant plastic.

Transparent hotel Dream catcher 3

Rest in the bosom of nature: an unforgettable experience

All the rooms differ from each other with decor elements. Each guest can choose a room to his liking. Lovers of romance and luxury of the East will get the number «1001 night of love». For those who prefer this kind of rest in the world, «Lux» apartments are sure to like. «Glamor» — a great place for lovers couples, and the numbers «Love of nature» and «Zen» will please fans of the wild, as they are completely transparent spheres, providing stunningly picturesque view from all sides.

The hotel was opened to visitors in 2010, and was primarily intended for holidaymakers who prefer privacy in the bosom of nature. All rooms are equipped with beautiful furniture, mostly wooden and plastic. The rooms are decorated with Buddha figures and executed in an unusual manner with lamps. Near each transparent room there is a toilet, nearby there are also rooms where you can take a bath or relax in the jacuzzi. The price for a room in the «Lovetz Snov» hotel varies in the region of € 100-300 per day. It all depends on the season, additional services, including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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How to get to the transparent hotel «Dream catcher»?

An unusual hotel is located on the azure coast in the commune Allosh. You can get to this picturesque place from the French city of Marseilles along the D4 road. After 500 meters after the exit from the road, turn left onto Rue Lafferage, and after 100 meters turn right onto Chemin des Aurengues. On the left side, after another 200 meters, there will be a turn to the Ribassiere street, where the original hotel is located.