Verzaska is the most transparent river in the world

The Swiss mountains are known all over the world. But the rivers in this country are no less amazing. The mountain river Verzaska with clear blue water flows through the green valley of the Swiss Alps and is one of the most beautiful and clean rivers in Europe and the whole world.
Verzaska is the most transparent river in the world.

This river is considered the cleanest in the world. It is located in the valley of Verzaska, near Locarno, in the canton of Ticino. This mountain river extends for 30 km and is a favorite vacation spot for divers. And this is not surprising, the visibility of the water is simply amazing! They seek to get here and see the world from the very bottom. In the valley of this magnificent river there are many interesting places. You can visit museums, see numerous monuments and sculptures, arrange a hike or walk. The best time for diving is the period from late spring to early autumn.

Verzaska is the most transparent river in the world 2

Verzasca strikes with its beauty and transparency of the water. Thanks to the crystal clearness, you can even see beautiful colored stones lying on the very bottom. The water temperature does not rise above 7-10 ° C. Despite the fact that the river is not deep (its depth reaches 10-15 m), it still has a rather violent temper — it’s strong underwater currents in some places, which is why it is considered rather dangerous places.

The picturesque river and the «Roman bridge»

Wild Mediterranean vegetation with chestnut forests and vineyards and other incredibly beautiful landscapes attract tourists here so that they can admire these European sights in Switzerland, strolling along the so-called «Roman bridge», which rises 10 meters above the river and is a real work Engineering art. Wonderful hiking trails are located in the direction of Pizzo di Vogorno, and nearby, about 1.24 meters above sea level, there is a small ethnographic museum and the oldest church in the valley of St. Bartholomew (early 13th century).

Verzaska is the most transparent river in the world 3

Interesting facts are connected with the plant and animal world of the cleanest river in the world. The fact is that Verzaska is completely uninhabited, here there are no living organisms. According to some scientists, this is due to the high acidity of the water, but the water samples taken for the study did not show anything special. The absence of flora and fauna in the river remains an unsolved mystery.

How to get to Verzaska

People come from all over the globe to see the turquoise waters of the river of Verzaska. This is truly a unique miracle of nature. The access point for tourists is Tenero, located at the mouth of the Val Verzaska valley. There is a railway station on the line between Bellinzona and Locarno. In addition, regular bus services run up and down the valley. You can also take a trip from Zurich, there is a direct train to Bellinzona and connecting regional trains (towards Locarno) in Tenero.