Surfing in the Canary Islands

Many of us dream to learn such art as surfing. The most favorable place for practicing this sport is the Canary Islands. This is the best place in Spain where the most comfortable conditions for beginning surfers and professionals in this business are created.

Surfing is a state of mind

Surfing in the Canary Islands 2

Probably everyone knows that surfing is both an easy and challenging sport. The board you will never be submissive if you do not persistently try and follow the path you have set. Arriving in the Canary Islands, you will have a wonderful opportunity to learn all the secrets and secrets that only hides this art. Here you can not only stand on the board, but also confidently stick to it. If you train often, then in a few years you can noticeably differ in the circle of professional surfers.

Since Russian tourists often come here, the Russian school of surfing in the Canary Islands was created for convenience. You can read about it at You expect a high level of quality teaching, good organization of classes, the safety of all students, excellent equipment and equipment, which also provides the school for the duration of training.

Surfing in the Canary Islands 3

Advantages of the school

There is an institution on the shore of the ocean, 100 meters from the water. For convenience, there are 2-3-bed rooms where you can stay. Each holiday student can use Wi-Fi, buy in the outdoor pool in the villa. On the veranda you can admire the wonderful, picturesque and colorful views of the calm waters of the ocean. If you want to walk, then the center is only 15 minutes walk. Weekly course of training will cost you from 350 euros. Such a holiday in the Canary Islands should be remembered for sure, especially since you will not only be engaged in surfing all the time, but also actively have fun.

We are the best

We can proudly say that this Russian school of surfing is considered one of the best in this region. Its status is made by highly qualified specialists, among whom there are even champions of Europe. All coaching staff has certificates for training. In addition, each year they participate in various seminars and attend refresher courses. So you do not have to worry and be completely sure that you are trained by the most worthy, prestigious trainers not only in the Canary Islands, but in the whole district.