Should I go to work in the UAE?

Employment in the United Arab Emirates is not only a great way to make money, but also to look at the lives of foreigners, about whom there are many rumors. At the same time, many people insist that it is not easy to get a job there, and a hot subtropical climate will not be suitable for everyone.

In the tourist season a huge number of resorts offer various vacancies in the UAE for foreigners. Every year, those who want to work well and earn extra money go to the country of the sheikhs. It is also an excellent opportunity to legally live in a given state.

Should I go to work in the UAE 2

Where to work?

Many of the visitors go to earn money in hotels and hotels, the payment there is not too high, but there are advantages in such work. After all, employers provide free food and accommodation. Depending on the vacancy and the level of the institution, the salary can be from 1,300 to 220 dirhams a month. A bartender and a waiter earn a lot, since tips are added to the basic earnings.

Requirements for candidates for a job in the United Arab Emirates are:
Age from 18 to 30 years (for managerial positions a person under the age of 35 years is required).
Fluency in English (without knowing a foreign language you can find a robot, but too low-paid).
Attractive appearance.

Should I go to work in the UAE 3

In the UAE, to really get promotion on the career ladder, especially in large companies. If the contract is over, you can find another job, because the workforce is always needed in all areas of activity: from a nurse to an engineer. After the termination of the contract, a person can stay in the country for 1 month, looking for a suitable job.

Effective search: who will help?

It is best to go abroad through a travel agency (, because this is the opportunity to quickly get a good job. It is almost impossible to find a job without intermediaries, but many choose this way, persistently looking for a suitable option.
Students have a unique opportunity to gain experience and see the world with their own eyes. At the same time, they are more likely to find a high-paying position, because they are not burdened with family life and are ready to learn all the time, and also to improve their professional skills.

But it should be remembered that the air temperature there reaches + 50 ° C, and this is really hard to transfer to a person who is not used to such a climate.