Features of the organization of children’s graduation

Completion of primary school is an important step for every child. Remember this event for the rest of your life will allow an unusual atmosphere of the prom. According to the opinion of psychologists, graduation for children is best done in a game form. We invite you to organize a children’s prom at a picnic or on a trip!

Features of the organization of childrens graduation 2

If you decide to play a game in nature, then you must take into account the following points:
Place of graduation. The territory should be safe for children, it is also important that the grass does not have ticks, which are so many in May;
Clothes should be closed and practical. It’s best to choose your clothes for sports style — this not only protects you from ticks, but also allows you not to be uncomfortable with active games;
menu. Do not make a huge menu for children. It is enough to take fruits and vegetables, pizza and sandwiches. Drinking should be in sufficient quantity. Also it is necessary to take out garbage bags, napkins and utensils (it is best disposable). To spend leisure time parents will be helped by shish kebabs;
The entertaining program needs to be thought in advance — a hike to the mountains, fun starts, a game of twister, badminton, experienced animators will allow to finish the academic year with a positive.

A real gift for children will be a school tour to Kazan, which is designed for three days.

Features of the organization of childrens graduation 3

On the first day there is a settlement in the hotel, an excursion to the Kazan Kremlin (White-stone fortress), in which the presidential residence and museum are located. Also on this day the children will be given a sightseeing tour around the city, during which they will get acquainted with the bright streets and squares of Kazan and learn about the treasures of the Tatar khans. And after dinner you can see the night capital of Tatarstan.

On the second day, the children will participate in an exciting and rich excursion program — visiting the Temple of all religions, the Raifa Bogoroditsky Monastery, the historical complex «Lazy Torzhok» and the fortress Sviyazhsk will give an unforgettable impression of the greatness of the construction, the reconstruction of knights duels, military equipment and participation in the Strelets Fun.

Features of the organization of childrens graduation 4

On the last day, a visit to the national museum is planned, and an excursion to the sports facilities of the city, which were built for the Universiade in 2013. Children can get acquainted with the legends of the sport of Tatarstan and visit Kazan Arena. After getting acquainted with the history of sports, children will go to the racetrack, after visiting which there is an eviction and a transfer to the station.
Such an active graduation party will enthrall the rest and be remembered for children for life.