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The idea of illustrating the life of the «bad guy» was always interesting to the viewer. And the drug lord is a potentially interesting character. This is how the creators of the TV series «Narki» reasoned. And since the attention of the public is also presented the second season, it is quite clear that the venture was a success.

In the network, you can find other similar names for the film «Narco», «Drug dealers», «Barygi» and so on. But the essence of this does not change.
In the center of the story is Pablo Escobare. It’s not just a young man with a bewitching and slightly mocking look. This guy holds half of Colombia in fear, as he has a huge number of assistants ready to cut a throat to anyone who will be on the path to the success of their business. And they are not doing things very transparently. After all, the drug trade and related activities are simply striking cynicism and impunity. Murders, blackmail, embezzlement, corruption scandals and even terrorist acts — all this in the field of view of Pablo.

Narki 2 season online can see every 2

The plot itself captivates the story of the life of the main character. She tells about his becoming a drug lord, as well as about the attendant vicissitudes that influenced the formation of his personality. Narki 2 season online watch is a pleasure.

The first season premiere was launched in the USA in late August 2015. It was the brainchild of Netflix. She is known for the works «Marco Polo», «House of Cards», «Turbo», «Bodjek Horse», «Inspector Gadget» and others. The main role was invited to the Brazilian actor. This choice is due to special external data. It was supposed to be a man with roots from South America, and also a moderately attractive young man. An unwritten, handsome man, but with a twist. And Wagner Moura fully meets the stated requirements.

It is interesting that at the beginning of September 2015 it became known that the series would be shot in the second season. Ten episodes of the first are viewed in one breath.

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Critics agree: there are no characters in the film that I would like to empathize with, since they are all engaged in potentially harmful activities. But the original presentation of the material and the dynamic plot literally bewitch.

There are signs of opposition in the series. After all, Pablo is in constant confrontation with law enforcement. Even from the United States, a special agent is sent to catch him. And how the success of his mission will be formed is the main intrigue of the film.