Optimum time to buy a ticket: the secrets of saving

For several years, the Ukrainian service 711.ua booking airline tickets, tours and hotel rooms offers its customers services. More than once in the course of their work, service professionals have faced the same customer question: when is it best to buy tickets?
At what time can you save the most on the acquisition? We will try to answer in detail!

Optimum time to buy a ticket the secrets of saving 2

The earlier, the better: we plan to buy in advance

It’s not a secret to anyone that it is much more profitable to book air tickets in advance. However, one should not show excessive foresight: when buying tickets for a plane more than six months before departure, you are unlikely to be able to save. The optimal time for advance purchase is about 4-5 months. During this period, most air carriers (not only Ukrainian, but also international) offer customers considerable discounts and conduct profitable actions: savings can be up to 40-50%!

Optimum time to buy a ticket the secrets of saving 3

The cost of tickets affects several major factors:
time of year;
day of the week;
Time of day.

So, in summer the demand for air tickets is much higher because of the large number of holidaymakers seeking closer to the seaside. In winter, there is also a peak of activity of passengers, because many Ukrainians want to spend New Year’s holidays in exotic countries or at ski resorts. Optimum time of year for purchase is autumn. During this period, «vacationers» have already rested, and preparations for the New Year are just beginning.

Optimum time to buy a ticket the secrets of saving 4
The day of the week usually affects the cost of domestic flights. On Thursday and Friday, prices are constantly rising, because ahead of the weekend. The minimum cost of tickets is traditionally observed on Tuesday. As for the time of day, during the day the price dynamics can change up to 3 times. That’s why it is recommended to follow the changes for several hours to «catch the moment» and maximize the benefits.

What can affect the prices of air tickets?

It should be borne in mind that the cost of air travel is influenced by the congestion of the flight. In this regard, prices can «jump», then rise, then fall again. That’s why when planning a trip, it’s better to observe the situation on the market for 1-2 weeks for a while. But also to delay with booking is also not worth: about 7-10 days before departure ticket prices increase by 30-40%.

Another secret, which experts of the service 711.ua hasten to share with you, is concluded in this: the majority of air carriers offers considerable discounts for tickets on Tuesday and Wednesday. Do not forget to look at the online booking service these days to not miss the chance to save money.