Proletariat chief’s mausoleum

The people started to build first Lenin mausoleum less than two days after the death of the chief. In three days a wooden building in a cube form with a pyramid on the top was constructed. This construction existed only during several months. When Zbarskiy and Vorobiev were discussing the mummification of Lenin; Schusev, who has created all the projects of Lenin Mausoleums, was drawing a project of a new home for the famous politician.

Proletariat chiefs mausoleum 2

In several months an original building was replaced by another wooden refuge number two. From the rostrums of that very mausoleum the politicians were telling the people how easy it was to live at that time. In the end, a new building for Vladimir Lenin was constructed on the Red Square in 1930.

Proletariat chiefs mausoleum 3

It is important to notice that this construction is still there. To take into account all the details, the model was created first, and only after that a tomb of armored concrete was built. Its construction lasted for one and a half year.

Proletariat chiefs mausoleum 4

The history of the mausoleum is quite interesting. During the Second World War it was disguised for a mansion, and the Lenin’s body was secretly transported to Tyumen, where it was kept up to 1945. After the Stalin’s death he was buried near Lenin, and the inscription «Lenin» was replaced by «Lenin and Stalin». But when the temperature was low, the old inscription may have been seen through the new ones. To avoid this, the old slab was replaced. In three years Stalin was removed from mausoleum and the gravestone with the inscription «Lenin» was returned.

Proletariat chiefs mausoleum 5

Terrorism – is a horrible phenomenon of the 19 century. A famous politician didn’t avoid it. Lenin is a heart of communist ideology and terrorist acts affected him as well. Lenin is very much alive and a lot of people wanted to prove that they can cope with the tomb of the chief. Some people has thrown hummers to the mausoleum, and some people were trying to shot the chief’s corpse.