Sheera Lake megaliths

Where to go to have rest: to the popular resort abroad or to the flavorful resort a bit closer? As a rule, it depends on the amount of money that you may spend for your rest. If you have not so much money, the problem of where to go won’t be so pressing for you. You should just take a closer look at the resorts of your own country, they may attract your attention just the same as European or Asian places. You may choose the Altai territory full or greenery and lakes or you may spent your time even in a more unusual manner: you may go to Khakassia and make a good use of your time.

Sheera Lake megaliths 2

Ancient megaliths of Khakassia

The water of the lake is really health-giving. Every summer a huge number of tourists visit Sheera to treat their joints, hormonal axis and nerves. The salutary substances in the water may cure diabetes and anemia.

Sheera Lake megaliths 3

Why Sheera lake is so attractive?

The lake surrounding is full of stone mysteries from ancient times. Somehow the stone turned to huge strange mushrooms. The scientists say that the reasons are the magmatic eruptions many centuries ago, but who knows… Maybe it is only a supposition. The magnetic sand was found near the lake for reason.

Sheera Lake megaliths 4

Have you ever seen the stone baths where the pines grow? It seems to be impossible, isn’t it? No it isn’t: it is reality for this place. Megaliths with the holes in different forms of animals are stunning by its silhouette. And the fact that the structure of these stones resembles the Egyptian laying is also mysterious.

Sheera Lake megaliths 5

Articles about Russia

Behind the industrial towns and busy social life this country keeps a lot of wonderful places. There are still some virginal places in Russia where the nature remains pristine and shows some things that are unsunned. Articles about Russia – are only a small part of all the information known by people. It is better to see the place once than to hear about it thousands of times. Written articles are only a small drop in an endless ocean of rich Russian nature.