Realy wigwam hotel

Many children prefer games «Indians.» For this purpose, they are applied to the surface of the face coloring fighter on his head feathers cling to large in size and, of course, try to saddle-wigwam tent that is tapered. Certainly in such dwellings covered with animal skins, which back in the top of the feathers were attached, at one time lived in the indigenous population of America.

Realy wigwam hotel 2

Those who want to find yourself in the world of childhood memories and revive it in its memory all the details of the battle between the fighters with pale skin and red, enjoy an unforgettable Children’s rest, you have to buy a ticket to Arizona to visit this realy wigwam-hotel.

Realy wigwam hotel 3

Every year the same kind of hotels is less, so that when there is a desire for just fifty dollars to feel like a real Indian and at the same time with an unforgettable fun time, we must hurry. It seems interesting place for those who prefer the rare cars that note certainly park next to the hotel, but the feature is still preserved the atmosphere of the ruling circles of Indian reservations that may remind the wild west.

Realy wigwam hotel 4

Clearly, in contrast to the wigwams of ancient times, today have almost all the benefits of civilization: there is running water, hot tub, air conditioning, television and otherwise. Naturally, similar hotels will not do to business conducted workshops there, but, nevertheless, anyone who was able to visit the wigwams, leave them only sweet memories.

Realy wigwam hotel 5

Now the owners of hotels lodge their children are those who at one time visited the brilliant idea to create a unique place where people could have a rest, can not imagine my life without romance and travel on wheels.