To get to the top, or the Devil’s Tower

Devils Tower is located in one of the States of America under the name Wyoming. In fact, it is a rock, not a tower. It consists of columns, which seemed to consist of bundles. This rock was formed about 200 million years ago and for a long time people thought that all this created by human hands. But as to create a people can not afford, then – it was created by the devil. So we began calling the rock – Devils Tower.

To get to the top or the Devils Tower 2

For its size, this is a huge and magnificent rock is 2.5 times more than the pyramid of Cheops, which can not fail to surprise. Many people who live near the Devil’s Tower, is very worried about it, because they do not want to lose such an asset. Even rumors that sometimes illuminate the lights on top of the cliff. This place is very popular with movie makers. It appears on the screen well-known films, one of which is «Close Encounters of the Third Kind», which director Steven Spielberg terrific.

To get to the top or the Devils Tower 3

For the first time conquered the Devil’s Tower in the 19th century. I did this one local resident. Shortly before the top of the rock climber and reached Jack Durance. This event occurred in 1938. The location of this place such that here can not land the aircraft. And here’s a place to land a helicopter there, but then strong winds blow, so it is very difficult to implement.

To get to the top or the Devils Tower 4

George Hopkins – third conqueror of Devils Tower, which sat on the mountain with the help of a parachute. When he threw the rope, so he got up, they fought on the cliffs and port. As a result, he remained a prisoner of the tower. News of this quickly spread through the country, and later on George flew dozens of planes that dropped him to the necessary equipment and food. Most of the discharged product was breaking on the sharp rocks. Just parachutist learned that on top of Devils Tower has a lot of rats, which over time became more aggressive toward him. In the US, a committee was formed to save George Hopkins.

To get to the top or the Devils Tower 5

To rescue the prisoner to the Tower of rock climber Ernst Field was delivered, which was brought together with his assistants. He made an attempt to climb to the top. But after 3 hours he cried out that this rock it too tough and that more could not climb. The last chance for George remained Dyurrans Jack, who was found and brought to the rock that he once conquered. Jack knew the only way by which you can get to the top. Other climbers followed him and were able to save George Hopkins, that week was a prisoner of Devils Tower.