Poisony beauty Danakil desert

Probably one of the most mysterious and unusual places on earth, is known to all Danakil desert. This basin, which extends to the north of Ethiopia and intersect in southwest Eritrea. Desert is poisonous. If an ordinary pilgrim wants to go for this place, it is likely, he simply can not survive in these places, because on its territory a lot of dangerous traps. These traps may not be noticeable to the human eye and therefore, many caught in them.

Poisony beauty Danakil desert 2

Looking around the area of the desert, you can see a huge number of volcanoes, which to this day are «alive.» There is also a huge amount of toxic gas, sulfur waters and constant heat. At first glance, the desert Danakil draws its colors, but because the first impression is misleading in places.

Poisony beauty Danakil desert 3

Desert was opened in 1928, when it traveled Tullio Pastori, together with his team. He walked more than 1,300 kilometers. Around the desert walks a lot of legends and myths. For example, one of them is that a long time ago, it was a green valley, but in these lands came sorcerer. It was he who called demons in the form of the four elements. At first, he controlled them, but then it all went wrong, and they killed him and completely took over the land. So if you believe in myths that have destroyed the land just unbridled elements.

Poisony beauty Danakil desert 4

The most beautiful and unusual place, may be called lava lake that never freezes. That is, the lava that constantly rages, spilling outward, freezes and then cracks and sinks again. Beautiful sight, but close is not only dangerous, but also insane. Also, there is Lake Assal, which is the saltest of the world.

Poisony beauty Danakil desert 5

Salt crystals, which distinguishes the lake, located practically across the shore. Sometimes, you can see the people who collect the salt and taken to the city. It is home to several tribes, but the place is really very dangerous, but at the same time very beautiful. Visit it certainly can be, but for this you will need a professional.