Tazumal is a Postclassic Mayan city

City tazumal is one of the most majestic. Archaeological sites Mayan culture, made in the post-classical style. This monument is located in the department of Santa Ana, in the city Chalchuala. Before the monument, or «the place of burning victims,» is the translation of the monument the name, it is easy to reach from San Salvador, which is just a 60 km away.

Tazumal is a Postclassic Mayan city 2

Tazumal part of the archaeological Chalchuala region having an area of over 10 km2. The structure of this region consists of many other architectural monuments and buildings that have pleased stylistic elements available to all the monuments of central Mexico, such as for example, Teotihuacan.

Tazumal is a Postclassic Mayan city 3

During the excavation, the ruins were discovered in tazumal dating from 100-1200 AD years In addition, ritual objects, palaces, pyramids and some system of drainage channels were found. The heyday of the city to the period from 250 to 900 AD The latest buildings are well preserved to the present day, it has been the pyramid and the stadium for ball games. Ancient Mayan city grew and prospered, but 300 years later, in 1200, tazumal was completely abandoned for unknown reasons.

Tazumal is a Postclassic Mayan city 4

Why the city was deserted – is still unknown. All research data show consistently good standard of living. The ruins of the city tazumal are the most preserved and most important ruins all over El Salvador. Jewellery and artifacts found in the homes, in the course of excavations indicate well developed at that time trade with the cities located on the territory of modern Mexico and Panama.

Tazumal is a Postclassic Mayan city 5

Excavations and research is ongoing, but, unfortunately, remains of an ancient Mayan city forever buried under the buildings of the new city, and learn their secrets now impossible. Now we can only guess how it was in reality, and tireless scientists continue to explore the outskirts of the city, and those areas where it is possible to excavate, finding more and more artifacts at the time.